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July 27-29 in ZAGORI

With three main rounds of discussion:

a) The historical role of the Civil Society

b) Civil Society, Labor and Social Economy

c) Civil society and participatory democracy

Speakers should be distinguished scientists in the field with written work and select social activists who have a strong point of view.

Prerequisite for speakers: 3-pages related to their work.

The minutes will be published.

The Symposium is open to observers.

The organizers of the symposium are:

  • The Panhellenic Partnership for Social Economy (PESKO)
  • The Panhellenic Federation of Associations "THE WORLD OF COLLECTIONS"
  • The Institute of Social Economy Studies "INMECO"
  • AMKKE "Epicena Chora", who will host the Symposium at their place in Vitsa Zagori.

Interested parties can contact the Symposium's Steering Committee ,consisting of: Nikos Yannis, Andreas Lytras, Vassilis Taktikos Kostas Economopoulos and Manolis Paterakis.

For more information, please contact us:


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